Making Company Saleable - Complete Guide How to Sell a Business?
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Every Business Owner should Read & Watch those Books & Videos 

Does this profile describe you?

    • Business owner with employees
    • Single owner, partnership or shareholders
    • Revenues greater than $750,000 to $100,000,000
    • More than 8 employees
    • An industry with a future
    • Committed to making sure you get a return on your investment from your company by making it attractive to the next owner.

  • You want to leave a lasting legacy – a great place to work for your employees, a reliable ‘go to’ business for all your fans (customers and clients!) and a rest for you from the day to day functioning at the helm
  • You want to build the plan for how you will make your company saleable
  • You want your company to be more profitable on the way to making it saleable
  • You are the kind of person who can get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Making a business saleable means making changes inside of you and your company. You can handle that because you’ve handled all the other changes your company has gone through.
  • You like to get the best. The best advice. The right information. So you can make the right decision. Because you know that any of the decisions you make regarding the future of your company will have an impact on more than just your bank account. You want to know you are considering all the angles and all the issues beforehand. Then you can rest assured that you did your best.

We Have Brought Together All The Experts That You Need to Know to Make a Business Saleable, Put Business for Sale and Get That Premium PayDay.

What’s in the Resource System Box?

  • Learn about why companies are unsaleable and whether making your business saleable is the right choice for you with “How To Increase The Value Of Your Business Before You Sell”
  • As Stephen Covey recommends, always start with the end in mind and work backwards. Your first steps after you have made a decision to make your company saleable are developing the answers to “Three Critical Questions”  that will shape your future. Watch the 3 DVDs. Refer back to the advise about the landmines involved in each decision by using the “Video Transcripts for the Three Critical Decisions”.
  • Once you’ve made your educated decision about your company’s future, and know your desired end result, it’s time to learn about what is involved in actually making the company saleable. These are the steps necessary to change certain dynamics in your life, your management style, your operation and your business structure to become what your ideal buyer is looking for. You will be guided through the process of building your Saleability Blueprint as you start to see your business as a buyer does. By reading Fast-Track Secrets For Making Your Business Saleable” Book and doing the exercises and explorations in the Playbook your custom blueprint will start to take shape. You will know what to and when to do it in a way that makes the most sense for your situation.
  • How to sell a business fast - Video for Business OwnersAs you read “Fast-Track Secrets for Making Your Business Saleable” and build your Saleability Blueprint, start watching the“Exit Expert Interview Series”  DVDs. Here you will learn from 19 pros how to think about and be ready for:

Disc 1 – The Seller and Strategic Buyer Mindset

Learn first hand from a business owner who learned the hard way (like the 90% of owners who fail at selling) about what it takes to attract a buyer.

Get inside the mind of a strategic buyer with buckets of cash and the struggle they go through to find companies that have done the work inside their business so that he can guarantee his shareholders that by buying a company, their business will grow and add value. You might not like what you hear, but you will be hearing advice other business owners never get. 90% of all acquisitions these days are made by other companies.

Disc 2 – Understanding Value
The hardest thing for an owner to wrap their mind around is how their company is valued from a buyers’ perspective. A business owner’s sense of value is very different than the buyers. If the owner of the company doesn’t learn about the difference, the haggle over price at the eleventh hour will stop the acquisition from closing.

If it is a family owned business, there are even greater struggles about value and how it should be transferred. Learn from company owner who found out the best way to transfer value to family. What you learn in this interview will shock you.

Disc 3 – Preparing Your Stakeholders
Got shareholders? Got partners? Got family? Everyone’s voice must get heard if you want to get to the finish line. Lawyers offices are filled with the case files of shareholders and partners suing each other. There is a right way and a wrong way. Learn now, before you land where it hurts.

Disc 4 – The Mindset Needed to Manage Wealth
Ever had sudden wealth? People who win lotteries or sell their companies are often ill-equipped to deal with the transition. Your mindset and your emotions create a tug of war that often results in more spending than saving.

Your family has to be part of this transition too. Learning how to prepare and plan for your next act so you actually have the wealth to support you is a new skill for post-exit business owners.

Disc 5 – Building Your Transition Plan for Your Next Act
One of the primary de-motivators that stop business owners from fulfilling their exit plans? Not knowing what to do with themselves post-exit. This fear kills off more deals according to the buyers we know. It’s one thing to dream about playing golf, traveling and hanging out with your family and another to realize your business made up a lot of your identity.

You need transition planning skills and probably a coach who can pull out of you want will make your heart sing in your next act. Then you need to know how to make this next act something you want to run to, rather than put off as long as you can.

Disc 6 – Can You Sell to Your Employees?
Many owners of businesses hope that their employees or a family member might want the company. This is a complicated process that can take years to put in place and even longer to realize the full value of the acquisition price. Know before you go. And count on learning how to have very transparent and frank discussions with the people you think could be contenders. There are a lot of potholes to become aware of not the least of which is learning how financing such a deal would work.

Disc 7 – Consider Alternative Investor/Buyer Types
There are several types of buyers that may be ideal for your type of business. There are pros and cons for each type. Financial buyers or private equity are responsible for 10% of all acquisitions today. They are highly skilled people to have on your side and very demanding post acquisition. If your company has certain attributes, they might well pay a premium to have you join their portfolio.

In our changing world, there are wealthy individuals around the world who want to invest in businesses in other countries. Would your company be of interest to them? How would that kind of deal work legally? These are the kinds of questions best left to an immigration attorney to guide your exploration of this increasingly important buyer type.

Disc 8 – Preparing an Exit Plan
It takes a team of advisors to get you a saleable company, into the exit portal and out the other side as a wealthy former owner. One of the most important advisors on this team will be your exit planner. This is a new profession and there are few who are credible at dealing with the myriad of issues that you need a plan for. Listen to the three of the leading experts in this burgeoning field.

Disc 9 – Legal Landmines and Leading Change
You need a lawyer who understands mergers and acquisitions. This isn’t your company lawyer.  You need the specialists who know how to dig through your legal history to uncover every risk point, every poor decision made and every piece of dirty laundry so that you know you can survive due diligence. And we do mean survive. Getting your landmines found and dealt with can take years. Start now.

Your role over the next two to four years is to lead a project called making your business saleable. It will take keen change leadership abilities so that the changes essential to becoming saleable stick. Learn what stands in your way and how to change your internal thought process to lead in a more effective way.

Disc 10 – What Brokers Need from Business Owners
Every business broker we talk to has a big list of what they wish the owners had done before coming to their office, hoping that they can get a deal done this year. Learn about when to get to know a broker and what to do to really be prepared. They can’t sell an unsaleable company. They can only work with what you give them.

When You Have Read the Books and Watched All the DVDs and Built Your Well-Thought Out Saleability Blueprint,You Will Be Miles Ahead of All Other Business Owners Hoping to Become Millionaires.

You will have discovered:

  • Who will be your likely ideal buyer.
  • How to make your company worth what you want to sell it for.
  • How to avoid the legal, people, financial and change leadership landmines that ruin the best of intentions.
  • Who to bring on to advise you and when and why.
  • How to find the leaks in your business that buyers look for that tell them there is too much risk… and how to fix these issues.
  • How to make decisions that before seemed confusing, mired in Catch 22s and fraught with too much hassle.
  • Know who you need to be your replacement.
  • What you will be doing for your next act.
  • How to motivate you, your management team and your customer base without telling them that you are now positioning the company for sale and still feel good about who you are and what you are doing.
  • How to become more profitable, more productive and have more fun at work on the way.

When You Have Finished Working with the Make Your Business Saleable Resource System, You Will Have the Right Action Plan that Fits Your Wishes, Your Company and Your Financial Goals

Imagine knowing for certain:

  • When you will exit.
  • That your business will be more profitable in the meantime.
  • That because it is more profitable, it is more productive which makes it less of a burden to lead.
  • Which organization or people will be your ideal buyer.
  • That your company will thrive on into the future.
  • That your next act will be satisfying and rewarding, post exit.
  • That you will be able to sell it for the amount that you want AND that your company will be worth that amount come the day your ideal buyer comes courting.
  • That your company may be worth 2 times or even 3 times its current value to your ideal buyer. That increase in value comes from making it saleable. For some owners, it will mean becoming instant millionaires.
  • Making your company saleable delivers you a winning lottery ticket with life-altering wealth.

Which Option Will You Take

Let’s decide that having a saleable company, and a satisfying payday as a return on your investment is your next goal at this stage in your business life.

So what are the stages of a business? And what are the stages of a business owner’s life? They are different.

You started the company, you grew the business, you nurtured your customers, your employees and your stakeholder family, nudging everyone towards excellence.

You’ve sweated bullets balancing the costs of growing with the costs of keeping the doors open. You’ve carried the burdens of making painful decisions when no one else would.

You and your business have seen it all.

And now you are at the next stage of your business owner’s journey: getting a return on your investment. To get that payday, you and your company may need to part ways.  Remember that this day will happen sooner or later by choice or by circumstances. You can be prepared to catch that curve ball or be sidelined by the force of it. Your company can continue long into the future… but only if you allow it do so.

So back to your options. You need to know what they are. You need to learn what’s involved in making a company saleable or the work of closing it one day. This is the fork in the road moment at this stage in your personal journey as a business owner.

So you have 2 options to learn how you will make your company saleable over the next 2-4 years or make alternative plans:

  1. FIND THE EXPERTISE YOURSELF Spend thousands of dollars and countless hours finding the right people to talk to who can give you that expertise on how to make a business saleable, how the exit transaction works, how to think like a buyer, how to position your company for growth, how to find the profit leaks so it is saleable and how to lead yourself through the countless decisions and changes that have to be made. To learn everything you need to know to make this journey so you attract a buyer would cost you about $57,000. That’s the sum total of the hourly rates of each of the experts who have shared their knowledge. I’ve not assigned a value to your time. Your time to learn how to identify who you would need to speak with, how to find the best person and your time in meeting with them. Nor have I assigned a value to the wealth of knowledge in the three books and the critical decision system that is based on our proven Saleability Blueprint that rewards prepared owners with a premium offer. On average, a business owner would pay us hundreds of thousands per year to do what we describe in our books.


  1. START LEARNING HOW TO BE SALEABLE NOW You could be reading the books, building your Saleability Blueprint and learning from 19 experts over the next few weeks. You could be on your way to becoming profitable in the next few months as a result and on your way to becoming certain you and your family will get a return on your investment in your business. You could be on your way to being certain that your business will be your legacy. Having that legacy means your employees will continue to thrive in their careers in the company that you built. Your customers will continue to be fans of the company that you built.

So the choice is yours. Do you want to spend your time and money digging up the knowledge on your own, or get it now so your company will be saleable when you are ready to sell and when the ideal buyer wants to acquire your business… because you invested in making it attractive and saleable for that buyer in time to catch their attention. Prepare busines for sale in the right way!

Our Guarantee

Business Owners' Satisfaction Guarantee

We know it can be hard to know whether what you are buying lives up to all the promises we’ve set out. So here’s our guarantee.

Buy the Make Your Business Saleable Resource System today.

When you get it, follow the plan in your start up letter. Read the books, watch the videos from our 19 experts (or read the transcripts if watching videos isn’t your thing) and if after 60 days you have not learned anything new that you didn’t already know and didn’t feel that there was anything in the books or the interviews that would help make your business saleable or more profitable, then give Corrie Winter a call at 206-395-3540. Tell her you are unhappy with your purchase. You don’t have to even explain why. She has the authority to refund the entire price to you on the spot, no questions asked. You can even keep all the materials.

No hassles, no returns of merchandise, no awkward questions, no drama. Just your money back. And if you think 60 days isn’t long enough for you to review this material, let’s make it 90 days.

We don’t want anybody to lose out on this deal because you can’t see inside the box. We are making it easy on everyone.

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